Yall With All Them Filters!!!
Sunday Funday With Tha Big Homies!!
Julez Benefit Concert With Tha Big Homies!!
#FBF Its Been Almost 3 Years Since I Car Accident Nd Almost Lost My Life..Woulda Never Thought It Woulda Happen To Me..Had Tubes All In Me..Was In ICU Nd Couldn’t Talk Or See For Atleast 2 Days..I Was Fucked Up..Still Tough To Deal With At Times Seeing Nd Knowing That Ima Be Like This Nd Have Symptoms For Tha Rest Of My Life…I Thank God Everyday That Im Still Here On This Earth..Cuz It Coulda Been My Time To Go..But It Wasn’t Nd Im Happy For That..Kept Me Here For A Reason..Who’s Knows What That Reason Is But Theres Is One…I Preciate Everybody Who Was There For Me During This Time…Family Nd Friends..Without Y’all I Wouldn’t Have Made It Thru…My GRANDPA SAM Was Watching Over Me Nd My AUNT CARLA…Love Nd Miss Them Alot Nd My GRAMZ Now…But Sorry For Tha Vent..Just Gets To Me Sometimes!!
No Stressing Tha Things We Cant Control!!
Hit Me!
Good Morning!!
Alwayz For Me..ZzZzZz!